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saikou! - July 27, 2014

Hey everyone!
Well another great week has past. This past week we had some pretty awesome stuff happen. We have a new investigator who is Korean! And she is so special! We had our first lesson with her last week and it was one of the all time best first lessons I've ever experienced. The spirit was so strong and she was so excited to receive the Book of Mormon and read it and I could just feel God's love for her and feel that she really is His special daughter. It's so amazing how you really can tell when someone is prepared to hear the gospel and instead of us having to nag and repeatedly ask someone to do something they want to do it! She said she wanted to read the BOM before we even invited her to! That's not something you experience too often. My companion and I were kind of in shock I think haha.
But really, I know, because I'm witnessing it, that The Lord is preparing people to hear the gospel and that these people are all around us. The Spirit will lead us or lead them but either way if we are prepared we can be the Lord's instrument to bring these people closer to Him. It's such an incredible feeling as we invite people to do things that will bring them closer to Him. 
We had ward FHE on Saturday and we played signs for one of the games. It was pretty entertaining. I don't think they play it here because it took a while to catch on but it was still really fun. 
We also biked to the other edge of the map and visited a member who lives out there. Her mom isn't a member and we were able to visit with her for a while and that was fun. The other day we were doing some housing and it was pouring and we pinged one house and the lady told us she wasn't interested and so we left. As we were walking down the street we heard someone calling out to us. We turned around and it was the lady from that house who had just told us she wasn't interested. She told us to wait and she went to her shed and brought us her umbrella and told us to use it and then bring it back when we were done. People are so nice! We meet people all the time who have no interest in our message but they give us food or tell us to do our best or just show so much kindness to us and it's so amazing. I feel so blessed everyday! I love being a missionary!

Murray shimai

A member has a massage chair in their living room. Ya, that was a cool surprise.

Wagner shimai and I

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