Monday, November 3, 2014

Last PDAY....not sure what reaction to have......

Hey everyone! So since I'm coming home this week I'm not going to write a lot of stuff :)    (I have to save some stories for when I'm home :) But today the weather is crazy. Like we can't ride our bikes the wind is so insane. It hails and rains randomly and then it's sunny. And apparently there was a pretty good earthquake earlier that happened while we were walking outside but we didn't feel anything. Crazy.

We had the ward Halloween Party on Friday and for Muroran ward it was the best turn out they've ever had. Yes! It was lots of fun. 

But ya so that's all I will reveal until we see each other in person......wahoo!

Hope you all have an awesome week! I hope I survive the 14 hours of plane ride to see you haha.
Murray shimai

p.s. if I speak Japanese and bow constantly and make weird noises just go with it. It can't be helped at this point.

These boys are all english class students