Monday, July 21, 2014

Another week in Paradise!

So we finally are getting summer weather for a consistent amount of time! Although compared to everywhere else it's probably still spring weather. But it makes it really nice for biking. So this week was pretty awesome. Here's a quick recap:

*Had a lesson with a phillipino lady who understands a little Japanese and a little english. It was interesting, not really sure how much she understood. We asked her if she would be baptized if she knew this was true and she said, `ya if I don't have anything going on that week`.......awkward pause from us.....okay....haha ya so it was interesting. But she did come to church yesterday so that was cool.
* Found this less active sister and she invited us in and talked with her for like an hour. And guess what we held while we were there? I bet you can't. A baby flying squirrel. Ya, bet you didn't see that coming. It was so cute. 
*Met this lady housing who spoke really good english and told us she lived in Ireland for a year or so when she was young. That was cool and she also teaches classes on bread and cake making apparently. She wasn't interested in our message but she did give us an entire loaf of freshly baked sesame bread. Best bread ever. 
*Biked to the farthest area on the map while fasting
*Went to same 7\11 4 times in 15 minutes for various reasons. Ya it got a little awkward.
*Played basketball with the elders and some youth and now my arms don't lift above my head without much added assistance. We ride bikes all day. Our arms don't really do much.
*Had some really good lessons with investigators and members and really saw some growth. 
It was a pretty fun and really interesting week. Tons more but you know, I gotta save some stuff to share later. 
Hope everyone has an awesome week! 

Murray shimai
Yep, that's a baby flying squirrel..sooo cute!


Wagner shimai and I

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