Sunday, July 13, 2014

Transfer 10! I'm a grandma!

I'm in double digit transfers! That's the most frightening realization I've had lately. But anyways. Here's the update. The trio has unfortunately been broken. I'm staying in Kushiro with my new companion Wagner shimai and the two Johnson's got transferred out. It's a little sad and lonely but Wagner shimai is awesome so I'm excited. 
Last week was transfers so half our week consisted of traveling to Sapporo and traveling back. Oh, last pday was awesome. So there's this way awesome family that comes to eikaiwa and they are like our family. On pday they basically took us on a road trip. They drove us to all these famous sites and it was sweet. It was super hot and sunny which wasn't normal I guess but it was so much fun!
Ya not really much to say this week. Weren't able to meet with investigators but this coming week is going to be crazy busy so that's good. 
Have a great week! Pictures will be more exciting than this email so enjoy!

Murray shimai

The really beautiful lake is called Lake Mashu. It was created from a volcano erupting. It's gorgeous.

Hokkaido is pretty much one of the most beautiful places ever.

We ate the best soba in the world. At a soba farm!

And went to a place that looked like the moon. 

This picture was taken after the onsen so our hair is all lush and beautiful haha.

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