Sunday, July 6, 2014

Transfer week!

Another transfer is over! Too fast! But it's been a blast! This past week was really fun. President and Sister Nakatsuka came to Kushiro! They are way awesome! It was really easy to just love them right away. I'm really excited to be working with them. We also had a 4th of July party at english class! It's really handy having two companions because you can represent all the colors of the flag. So that was fun. We also met with one of our investigators who we haven't seen in a while. It was really fun. She's awesome and we recommitted her to read the Book of Mormon and she said she will and we're really excited for her. We also visited a PI that the sisters found several transfers ago but hadn't gone back to visit and she was way sweet. She's near our age and has a little baby girl and we talked with her for a while and introduced more of our message and asked if she has time if she would want to hear more and she said yes! Super stoked to go back there and visit her again. We also found this really awesome neighborhood the other day where we went housing. It's like on a mountain and is all filled with trees and greenery. It was super fun and it felt like we were in the jungle haha. 
A family that comes to Eikaiwa took us out to eat sushi the other night and today they are taking us around to show us some cool stuff around Kushiro! They're super cool. 
Wow. I really can not remember what else happened this past week at the moment.
Anyways hope you have a great week!

Murray shimai

The elders heart-attacked our apartment!

Dinner at a members house.

A member gave us kimonos yesterday...having a little fun with them. :-)

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