Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another transfer in Kushiroooooooo!!!!!!!

Yea....this raincoat has met it's match...

I didn't get transferred!!!!!!!! Yay. This is great news. And my companion didn't either so this is really really great news. Things are going really great here. It's already started cooling off a little bit and it feels like fall outside today which is really nice. Summer started, happened, and ended in about one transfer so that was cool haha. The wind has started picking up again though, which feels nice but is a little dangerous with a skirt and a bike. I had to use my magnet nametag as a weight on the bottom of my skirt the other day to keep it from flying up all the time. It worked pretty well. 

We met with our philippine investigator and she's still doing great. We taught her about following the prophet and about tithing. It went pretty well I think. She still says that she has energy from keeping the Word of Wisdom so that's awesome. The best part about missionary work is seeing someone change and grow as they follow the teachings of the gospel and as the Spirit causes a change in their heart. It is such a special miracle that we as representatives of Jesus Christ get to be a part of. It's so awesome. 

Yesterday she came to church again so that was awesome. We were all sitting in the chapel waiting for sacrament meeting to start and these two american guys walk in and sit down. ......uh..... everyone was like, what the? haha. Just in case you're wondering it's not normal for non-Japanese people to be in Kushiro, let alone at church haha. And we soon found out they didn't speak any Japanese. So after sacrament we were like, ya we're gonna go talk to them haha. Turns out one of the guys works at the Salt Lake Airport and gets good deals for tickets and stuff so him and his buddy came to do a cruise around Hokkaido and part of Russia. Crazy. And one of the guys is in a stake presidency of a BYU ward and knew some kids that Brown Choro new. Small world -- mormon world.
So that was fun. Definitely didn't see that coming. But anyways things are going good. We had a couple torrential downpours. Like as in I don't think my raincoat has any water resistance left haha. It was fun. We would ping people's intercoms and couldn't even hear them speak because the rain was so loud. Gotta love it. But seriously dendoing in the rain is awesome because you get soaked and then you can ride through the humongous lake puddles because you're already wet! Bright side. 
Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Murray shimai
Time for a new raincoat.

Tiny tire bike. Ya people ride these. Purpose? Not sure.

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