Sunday, August 31, 2014

Awesome Possom

So this past week was awesome. We had zone conference in Sapporo! And this time we had to ride the bus! 5 hours there and somehow the bus ride home was 6 hours. Still not sure how that worked out. Anyways it was fun. The hardest thing about the bus instead of the train is that on the bus they have 2 big tv screens that play movies the whole ride. You have to put the head phones on to hear but still when you're on a bus for 5 hours it's really hard to not look at the screen right in front of you. But we managed by sleeping or playing hang man haha. 

Anyways, Elder Whiting of the Asia Area Presidency came to do our zone conference. It was the best zone conference I've been to. He didn't have any lesson outline or any plans but just said the Spirit would guide us to what we need to talk about. There wasn't a dead moment the whole time. He did question time in the beginning and I asked a question that has always kind of been something I've wondered about and I received the most amazing answer. Elder Whiting answered it and then He asked Nakatsuaka Kaicho to answer and Kaicho's answer was so amazing and so filled with the spirit and with love. I left the conference feeling so uplifted and just free of those doubts or questions and just so excited to get back and dendo! Heavenly Father will never let us down. When we have questions or concerns and we ponder on them and pray about them He will always answer. That's one of the coolest things I've learned and I know it works for anybody! 

Another really awesome thing happened. So we didn't come back until the day after zone conference so we just got to hang out in Sapporo and do anything as long as we were doing something productive. So I got to go back to Teine and visit some of my favorite people!! And then after that we went to Higashi, the second area where I served and we got to go to their english class. And one of my favorite investigators was there!!!! She's someone Nagamine shimai and I found housing when I was third transfer. She's still coming to church and still meeting with the missionaries. I had so many tender mercies this past week and I just feel so blessed. The investigator, she almost got baptized when I was in Teine but because of some stuff she didn't and I've been writing her letters and stuff but getting to see her in person was such a blessing. And I got to tell her that I want to live with her forever so she needs to get baptized haha. 

It was a really amazing week and just one of those weeks that really makes me so grateful that I get to be a missionary. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Murray shimai

Okay, so these pictures were taken during the long bus ride so ignore the just rolled out of bed look.

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