Sunday, August 3, 2014


This past week was really really awesome!! We had some really super duper lessons and one of our investigators told us that she wants to go to church and another one came to church yesterday!! It's really funny because right now our two strongest investigators aren't even Japanese. One of them is Korean and it's really cool because none of us are Japanese but we're teaching her in Japanese and it's just a really cool experience. She's making Korean food for us tomorrow so that should be excellent! We went to a festival with another friend on Saturday night and ate really yummy food! We randomly met this lady who we're sure is a less active member because we were walking down the street and this lady in front of us turned around and started talking to us in english and then she told us that she went to BYU forever ago!! Like, what?! haha. And we asked her if she is a member and she said right now she is too busy. So not exactly sure but she might be a member. She's visiting Kushiro with her son because she's making a documentary video about old whaling towns. Random. So that was fun.

We had zone activity and zone training meeting! For the zone activity we went to the sports center and played sports for 4 hours. It was so much fun, but let's just say that your body does not appreciate it when you don't play sports for a year and then suddenly do it for hours straight. It was pretty rough the next few days. Sitting on the bike was especially a bit of a struggle. Just had to ride standing up for periods of time haha. In zone training meeting we had our first interview with President Nakatsuka and he is way awesome. He speaks fluent english too so that's cool. 

After zone training meeting we had splits with the STL's and that was a blast. Me and Lundstrom shimai met some really cool people on the street who want to see us again so that was a success. 
Lots of amazing things are happening here! Lots of new people came to eikaiwa last week which was tons of fun! I love being a missionary!

Murray shimai

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