Sunday, August 10, 2014

Big email...

Hey everyone! 
Another great week here in Kushiro! We're having like sort of a Typhoon here. Not a full one but it's pretty fun to ride bikes in. This last week we had some hot weather which I didn't quite know how to handle but I made it through so it's all good. Wagner shimai and I had to take a few icecream breaks and that's probably what saved us haha. 

This week was pretty busy and some cool stuff happened. Lately so many people have been coming to english class and this last week we had 3 of our investigators there! It was really fun. And our philippino investigator came to church again! She is so awesome! She is such a testimony builder to me that the language of the spirit is universal because she can't understand most of what is being said in church but she always tells us that she feels so good when she comes and she feels her stress go away! The Spirit is so powerful!

We also had a neat experience about praying for guidance and receiving it. In the beginning of the transfer the elders passed us this lady investigator and told us we could go anytime  and we tried to visit her several times but we couldn't find her apartment. We finally thought we found it but no one was ever home and we found out it was the wrong place, so that was awkward. But yesterday we decided we really needed to find it so we could visit her and again we couldn't find it but we both felt we needed to find it or just really wanted to because it was so frustrating that we couldn't. So we said a prayer and then decided to go to the main road and then weave up and down all the streets in the block. We started doing that and we were biking down one and out of the corner of my eye a blue building sticks out and I look over at it and at first glance thought it was right but then realized the name was wrong on the building. But it was kind of close to what the elders told us it was called and we just decided to do it anyway. So we go there and ask a lady out in the garden near it if the investigator lives there and she told us yes! We found her!! So there's a lesson for you. Even when the elders give you wrong information, the Spirit can still guide you right haha. But seriously, it's true. 

Anyways, hope you all have a great week!

Murray shimai

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