Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring is back!

Konnichi wa!
So Spring decided to return today! Last week we had several snow blizzards and extremely windy days so that was fun. Apparently the weather isn't really being normal this year so yay for us! haha. But it was a really great week regardless of winter returning. We had lunch with our grandpa friend and ate really yummy pizza. We also had a crazy awesome miracle happen! So we have this investigator who we mostly keep in contact with over the phone because she's sick a lot and the last time we talked with her on the phone we talked about going to a members cafe together when she was feeling better. So that was on Thursday of the week before last and so we had planned to call her on last Thursday to see how she was doing and we were going to call her in the evening. On Thursday we were out knocking on doors and we met this lady that said she was looking for truth and had a lot of questions and was studying the bible and we were so excited and like, "we have the truth!" We talked with her a little bit but then she started saying that she thinks we are wrong and maybe don't know what we're talking about and it just got really uncomfortable and the spirit was not there at all. It was really a terrible feeling and so we left and felt really bummed and kind of discourage about it. After that we went to the members cafe for dinner before we went home and when we walked in our investigator was there! As soon as we walked in she walked over to me and gave me a big hug! It was the best feeling ever and especially after what we had just experienced. So we were able to stay there and talk with her for a long time and we talked about God and the Book of Mormon and it was just a really nice time. The whole time I just felt so much love for her! It's so amazing how different things are when the spirit is there and when it's not. That was really a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. He always blesses us if we put forth our best effort and persevere through the hard and discouraging times. When you have those experiences that just bring you down and life just feels rough, just go a little bit farther and that's when you'll find those tender mercies. God doesn't want us to fail but he also gave people agency and so sometimes there isn't anything He can do if the people don't let him. But as long as we're doing all we can He will always bless us for those efforts. I have experienced that time and time again in my daily missionary work. It's so incredible to see everyday how the Lord blesses us.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!
Murray shimai

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