Sunday, April 20, 2014


Last English class in Teine! We had a Takoyaki and okonmiyaki party!

Another transfer has begun! My 8th transfer! This week I hit my year mark from when I entered the MTC! I can`t believe how fast the time has gone! But anyways I`ll tell you all what happened with transfers! So for the past 4 transfers I've been in an area called Teine which is on the edge of Sapporo. I really loved it there and had such a great relationship with the members and with our investigators and it was really hard to leave. But I`m also really excited for this next transfer and I know it was my time to move on. So I got transferred out to an area called Kushiro! And by out I mean out! We took about a 4 hour train ride to get out here. And apparently if you go by car from Sapporo it takes about 7 hours! So it`s a little ways out here. And I've also heard that the sunsets here are in the top 5 in the world! How about that? AND, haha, it has the best sushi in Hokkaido! I've already eaten some, trust me, it`s good. The branch here is about 30 active members I think and they are some awesome people let me tell you! I am so excited to work with them. This transfer there are 4 elders here and then us two sisters so there`s really some missionary power going on here. Oh and my companion, you`ll never guess, Johnson shimai...the 2nd haha! So great. And we were in the same district for three transfers before so we`re already really good friends and we always joked about becoming companions but then it really happened! That was exciting ;D 

So I got here on Thursday and we are already seeing miracles! Yesterday we were planning on taking a bus at 2:55 after church to go to a farther area to work but we ended up having to take a later one at 4:15. So we took that bus and we got to the area and we were walking on the street and saw a lady coming towards us (happy day, there are NO people on the streets here) and so we said hello to her and introduced ourselves. Then she started speaking to us in really good english and Johnson shimai and I were just like, wo, what the? haha so we were able to speak with her in english for a while and then she gave us her phone number and we gave her ours and so we'll probably see her again and speak in english and have a great time! So awesome! Let me tell you there are no mistakes in missionary work. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. God's hand is always guiding us. 

I love being a missionary! Love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Murray Shimai
Ono Bishop

Roomies! (please ignore the awful frizzy hair resulting from waking up at 5 a.m. two days in a row to pack)

New doryo

Hokkaido scenery from the train...

Last DTM with these guys! We had a party!

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