Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kushiro is AWESOME

Aoyagi shimai

Okay, let me just start by saying that I know in many past emails I`ve said this week was the greatest, but seriously this past week was THE greatest! First, Aoyagi choro who is a counselor in the Asia Area Presidency and his wife came and visited our mission! So we went into Sapporo for a big zone conference! It was so incredible! I have never left a training meeting with more desire to go out and work like crazy! So that was awesome to be taught by a general authority! And before he became a general authority he was a mission president of the Japan Sendai mission so they are just really awesome, smart spiritual people! Such a special opportunity! But it gets better. So we found out that after the zone conferences Aoyagi choro, shimai and Evans kaicho, shimai were going to Kushiro for the weekend! They were doing a training meeting on Saturday for all the far out areas of Hokkaido haha. So I actually got to see a bunch of members from Kitami! That was awesome. But anyways so Aoyagi shimai and Evans shimai didn't need to go to the training meeting so they asked to dendo with us! Whoa. Working with a general authority's wife and Evans shimai at the SAME TIME. Talk about your power house! It was the most amazing experience I have had. We visited a potential investigator with them and it was incredible. And the cool thing was that the PI was the mom but her husband actually happened to be home too which apparently is rare because of work. So we got to visit with both of them and they are a member couple. It was so cool. So we talked for a while and then Johnson Shimai and Evans shimai played the violin, they played `How Great Thou Art` which was beautiful and the spirit was there and then we basically had a testimony meeting and the four of us all bore our testimony about the gospel and the Savior and it was something. The spirit was so strong and the husband and wife really listened, like really listened the whole time and afterwards the wife said that she could tell from our eyes that we really meant what we were saying. When we were leaving Aoyagi shimai asked her what she thought and she said she wants to listen to our message! It was so incredible! And on the way home Johnson shimai and I had a really special experience in the car. Aoyagi shimai basically gave us a private workshop. It was amazing! It will take me forever to write it all down but just rest assured that it was a once in a lifetime experience! 
So ya I had a pretty good weekend. Oh and here's some fun news. On Friday after zone conference was over we had to go catch the train to get home but you know when all the missionaries gather everyone is going to talk to each other and whatnot and long story short the whole obihiro zone missed the train haha. And the next train wasn't until 7:45 I think. But the AP's had us all take that one so we got to Obihiro at like 10:30 and spent the night there and then came back to Kushiro Saturday morning and then went out and worked with Evans shimai and Aoyagi shimai. So it was a way full spiritually overflowing weekend! Nothing like it. And on Sunday we were asked to talk about families in primary and about Joseph Smith's first vision in Young Women's which are at the same time and they both kept getting us from the class to go to the other one and so we were running back and forth but we ended up being able to do both and it was a really awesome experience! Something Aoyagi shimai told us in the car was that since Johnson shimai and I have become the missionaries, we've reached the level where people will ask us to do things. Investigators will come to us. And that was really special and we're starting to really see that happen and I'm just so excited for this transfer and all the miracles we are going to see!
Love you all!

Murray shimai
We got sung to for birthdays happening in the next few months. (I love TimTams!!)

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