Sunday, March 30, 2014


We got to wear spring clothes to church yesterday! Big day!!

Spring has finally come! This past week I didn't wear my down coat! Happy day. I felt so light and free. The wind is pretty strong but it's warm so it's okay. I have never appreciated the coming of a new season as much as I have spring in Hokkaido. I love winter but when you are outside in it all day everyday for 5 months you know, spring is a pretty welcome sight. Also the people on the streets and just in general are happier. So it's all around great!

This past week we did a lot of finding. We called all our investigators and we made an appointment with our grandpa friend. We're going to lunch haha. He's so funny. I'm excited and we're going to try and teach more this appointment so I'm really excited for that. Everyone else was busy or sick so that was a bummer. But we visited this older lady that the elders had found housing. She was super friendly and she told us she's not really interested in the gospel but she loves talking so she invited us inside and we talked with her for like 2 hours. For not being interested she asked us lots of questions and we were able to teach her about prayer and some other gospel principles through answering her questions. She asked us what is the greatest thing we have learned from coming on our mission and so that was a really awesome opportunity to bear our testimonies. She told us how she and her daughter went to England and they saw Paul McCartney play in this big street area and it was a surprise performance so they got really close to him and it was so fun haha. And then she told us that while they were there they saw Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, on stage! We were like oh we love those! And then she's like oh well here I have the dvd of les miserables in right now lets watch it! And she played it and me and Johnson Shimai are like, wait, we can't watch it! haha. It was a close call. Then she asked us if we wanted to make tea and we didn't know what kind it was that she said and she poured the powder into a container and it was bright green. We were like, uh...sorry we can't drink that...haha.. But she was super nice about it and was just like, well, okay I'll drink it by myself. And she makes pottery. Ya. She gave us some cup things she made. Super awesome. It was a fun couple of hours.

There was a relief society activity on Saturday night. It was for the anniversary of relief society I think. They had a couple groups and each group reenacted some of the events from the beginnings of the relief society and the first relief society sisters and they sang some hymns with it. It was really cool. And we brought a less active sister with us and she had a great time! It was so neat. I'd never imagined Japanese ladies wearing bonnets before. But they did and it was great. So much fun. It was a pretty great week.
Hope you all enjoy spring break!
Murray Shimai
Here's the Haystack Rock of Hokkaido. I see it every week when I go to Otaru :)

Just out doing some housing and this is our scenery. It's pretty good.

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