Monday, March 24, 2014

Big Fish!

Today was an awesome p-day! We went to the Aquarium in Otaru! And it was sweet! Like not just looking at fish behind glass but we saw shows. Ya it was the coolest thing ever. And the aquarium is on the coast line and it was a beautiful warm day today so it was great! I'm sending some pictures. But last week was really great. We were able to meet with this young mom that we found several weeks ago and she told us that when travel gets a little easier and there's less ice on the roads she wants to go to church! That was the best thing to hear. We were able to just talk with her for a while because her son was taking a nap and she told us how she wants to have another baby and she loves children and she's just the neatest mom. We were able to teach her a short lesson about the restoration and about church and it was just fun because she actually wants to go to church and find out more. Those moments make every other disappointing, rough day not matter.

Then the other day we had another crazy miracle happen. So on Wednesday night we made our plan for Thursday right? And we didn't have a lot of free dendo time so we decided on one small section of
houses to go to. So the next day we get to the area close to where we planned but we couldn't find the actual area so we just did some other houses and after that we had just enough time for a few more houses and I looked down the street and saw the main road and asked Johnson shimai if she wanted to go cross the main road and work over there and she agreed so we went over there. Then we found the area we had originally planned to go! And so we started housing and the 4th or 5th door we knock on a little girl opens it and after a second I realized it was the daughter of the lady who came to church a couple sundays ago! And then the mom came to the door and we were all just like, uh...haha. I couldn't believe it! So we talked with her for a while and then left and went on our way. But that was crazy. I don't know what purpose it served or what will happen but I don't believe that was coincidence. God is so good.

I hope you all have a fabulous week! Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for videos in several months haha.

Murray Shimai

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