Sunday, March 9, 2014

Transfer 7!

It's March! What?!!
And it's just as cold as ever haha. But the news of the Transfer is...I'm staying in Teine!  4th Transfer. But I have a new companion. Sister Johnson. She's from Spanish Fork, Utah. She is way fun and we have tons of stuff in common which is fun. She's on transfer 5. I'm actually pretty excited about working in Teine for another transfer. 

At the beginning of last week we met this really awesome young mom while out housing. She was way friendly and listened and talked with us for a little bit and she said we can come back! Yay! I'm excited to meet with her again and she also said she will try and come to church so that's awesome.

Then yesterday Evans Kaicho and shimai had a speaking assignment in our ward so they came to our ward yesterday. And at the Otaru ward christmas party Evans shimai met this mom that lives in Teine and she invited her to church but she never made it. So Since Evans shimai was coming to our ward she called the mom and invited her again and she came part way through Gospel Principles and she brought her youngest daughter with her! She is way awesome! And she wants to come to church again! And her daughter is nine and she loves basketball! How awesome is that! We played a little shoe basketball after sacrament meeting haha. But she wants to come to sports night on Saturday so that should be fun. They're great. And interested in Eikaiwa! Great week.

Life is great. And the music firesides are over so we have real p-day's now! Happy day haha. Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Murray Shimai

Each Sunday people bring food to church and put it in a basket or container for the missionaries. We call it our "fruits basket" and it's basically great! We found these in our fruits basket on Sunday. I never thought I could be so excited about a box of mac and cheese and pop tarts!

Riding the bus for transfers.

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