Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another great week!

This last week we had Zone Training Meeting which was way fun. It was in Atsubetsu so we had to ride the subway thingy to get there. We had to get off and switch at one point. If I`m ever companions with a gaijin we`re in trouble haha. Anyways zone training meeting was awesome! For the last few mogi`s (roleplay) i was companions with Sister Evans. She is fluent in Japanese and so it was a really great experience working with her and listening to her and seeing how she would do things if she were a missionary. 

After zone training meeting and after we went to lunch we raced back to Higashi and back to the church building for a lesson. It was a first lesson with a new investigator. We watched the Testaments video because when Nagamine shimai met her streeting on splits she said she loves movies. So we watched that and then afterwards talked about Christ`s purpose and the Book of Mormon. Oh, so at zone training meeting they talked about being bold and inviting people early to be  baptized so at the church before she got there we felt like we should talk about baptism and invite her and I was going to be the one to invite her. So after we watched the movie and were talking about it Kuroki shimai was explaining about it and talking and I sort of got lost for a little bit and then Kuroki shimai stopped talking and looked at me and sort of nodded her head and I`m like, `ah! I don`t know what she just said, am i supposed to invite her to be baptized now?` So I start bearing my testimony about the Savior and the book of Mormon and then start inviting her to be baptized and I can see Kuroki Shimai`s face in the corner of my eye and it was really surprised and then after I asked the Sugimoto san if she would follow Jesus Christ`s example and be baptized she looked really scared and confused and I`m like, oh man it wasn`t the right time yet. So after I asked her to be baptized kuroki shimai explained what baptism is haha. So it was kind of awkward and I hope she will still want to learn more haha. Speaking a foreign language is always an adventure. 

So last week or the week  before I mentioned an old lady we met on the street who said we should eat sushi together sometime. Well we are on Tuesday! Haha that should be fun. Speaking of sushi, last monday for lunch we went to a sushi restaraunt. So the tables are in a rectangle shape with the preparation area in the middle and you fill out a paper with the sushi you want and give it to one of the guys in the middle area. Or you can just grab one that`s on the moving conveyer belt. So after a while one of the chefs pulls up this live octupus and everyone`s like oh ya! Yummy! haha like he`s holding it in his hand and it`s legs are all moving around and stuff. Then he says some stuff and then throws it down on the table and cuts one of the legs of and puts the leg on the cutting board and it`s still squirming around. He peels the outer skin off and the suctions off and then washes the white flesh and cuts it for the sushi. I asked nagamine shimai and kuroki shimai if they were going to eat it and Kuroki shimai said ya! Are you? And at first I was like no. But I figured I should try it because I might not have the chance again so we ordered it. Let me just tell you that if I do have that opportunity again I will pass haha. It was like a chewing rubber and a chip at the same time and then some mushy stuff. It was not a pleasant feeling in my mouth haha. But it was a good experience I guess. 

Well I hope all is well with everyone! Things are going great! My Japanese is slowly improving. Living with two Japanese companions it`s kind of sink or swim so I`m learning a lot. So much fun! 

Murray Shimai

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