Sunday, September 8, 2013

Last full week of Transfer 2!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought my first transfer went by fast but this one far outdoes it. It seems like we just get used to things and finally find people to teach all at once, and at the end of the transfer. But that's okay, finding them is what matters. This past week was probably the best of the transfer in terms of success. We got 3 new investigators and were able to make a bunch of appointments! Opening an area is hard because you start from ground zero so this transfer we've been trying and praying so hard to find people to teach and at times it seemed like we weren't going anywhere but then this past week it seemed like everything came together. The Lord truly is guiding this work and I have seen first hand how He works in people's lives to prepare them and in ours to direct us to people. Here's one example for you. Several weeks ago, in the beginning of the transfer we met a lady while we were streeting. She was really nice and really interested in religion but she said she was busy and on her way home. She didn't give us her address or phone number but we could see the apartment complex she walked into. So we wrote that address down and went on our way. Then fast forward several weeks and we're biking past her apartment complex to go somewhere and there she comes walking toward us. We stopped and she was really excited and happy to see us and we talked with her for a little bit but she was on her way home again. This time we got her name and we could see which section of the apartment complex she went in. Fast forward again another week or two and we're riding our bikes somewhere far away from where she lives and we see a lady walking down the street so we get ready to stop and talk to her and it's the lady! We were all like, WOA! haha. Again she was happy to see us but we still weren't able to make an appointment or get her phone number. So the other day we decided to go to her apartment complex and see if she was home. So we found her apartment (everyone has their name on their house or mailbox) and she was home, and she invited us inside! (Not very usual) She was so happy to see us and she fixed us a snack and then her husband came home and he was way nice and they both talked with us for an hour about religion and we talked about commandments because their image of the Mormon church is that it's very strict. So we talked with them for a long time and then we talked about our mission and they asked us if we could take breaks or stay home if it's rainy or bad weather. And we're like nope, we go out in everything haha. And they were like, oh well you can come here anytime you want to take a break or get out of bad weather! We're like, thank-you! The husband said it's fun having young people in their home to talk with haha. All their kids are grown and live other places. 

So that's one example of how the Lord really does direct this work and he wants us to have success. I know there are people everywhere prepared to hear the gospel. We just have to work, pray and open our mouths. 

I love you all and I hope you all have a fabulous week!
Murray Shimai
This was taken in the MTC, but Lynell sent it along today so we thought we'd put it in.

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