Sunday, September 15, 2013

Transfer 2 last days

Wooooooo this transfer was way too fast. It has been a blast and quite the experience having two Japanese companions haha. I have learned so much and my Japanese has improved a lot. Higashi is the best and so much fun. We`ve finally started finding and teaching some people. We found a college student while housing several weeks ago and initially said he didn`t want to join a church but that he`s interested in learning about the different religions in the world so he said we could teach him about ours. So we`ve taught him the first and second lessons and both times he has a ton of questions, really good questions that we can`t always answer but it`s really great because usually when we teach people they don`t ask questions and if we ask them if they have any they say no but you can tell they aren`t completely understanding so it`s really refreshing to have the investigator ask questions. 

We had stake conference yesterday and it was in Asahikawa. We had to ride a bus for 21/2 hours or so to get there. It was really fun. We had to catch the bus in the morning and we were a little late leaving our apartment so we were racing to the bus stop and as soon as we started riding it started pouring down rain like crazy and we didn`t have our rain gear so we just booked it and as we got close we saw the bus at the stop so we`re like, ah! We had to park our bikes at the church building which is a short way away from the bus so we parked our bikes at the church and then booked it running to the bus. By the time we got on the bus we were soaked haha. So much fun! 
Stake conference was really good, what I could understand haha. 

Things are great here and I love Higashi so much! Today or tomorrow we`ll be getting transfer calls and I want to stay here but I also want to see new places. We`ll see what happens. I love teaching the gospel so much! Japan is awesome!

Murray Shimai

The sister on the far right in this picture is Tashibu shimai. She served her mission in Sapporo and is wayyyyyyy awesome! She`s probably the happiest person I`ve ever met.

Just a little wet after our ride and run to catch the bus!

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