Sunday, September 22, 2013

Good Morning!!

Today`s email is really early because today we`re going to a baseball game!!! All of the missionaries serving in the Sapporo area get to go. We`re having a barbeque at the mission home and then all going to the baseball game. It`s the Hokkaido Fighters! It`s going to be awesome. Oh so transfers were last week. I`m still in Higashi!!!!! That`s the great and happy`s the somewhat frightening and shocking news. Kuroki Shimai got transferred out to open another new area and train and so Nagamine Shimai and I are in Higashi. Yes. I`m Nagamine Shimai`s follow-up trainer. I kind of had a panic attack when I got the news haha. No I`m not fluent by any means in Japanese so it`s a little scary but the good news is Nagamine Shimai is Japanese so what I don`t understand she does and I can still really work on improving my Japanese this transfer. 

So that`s the big news for this week. Sorry we all only have a few minutes to email today. I`ll fill y`all in next week!

Murray Shimai

Our ward Primary President asked all the missionaries serving from our ward to write a short note to the kids. Here is Lynell's response:

Dear Primary kids,
Hello from Japan! I hope you are all super happy and paying attention in primary. I want to tell you that the most important thing you can do right now is prepare for a mission. Start now. Read your scriptures, say sincere prayers, learn to recognize the spirit. Heavenly Father is preparing people all over the world right now to hear the gospel. He needs you to bring it to them. This work is the work of angels. People`s lives are changed forever through this gospel, If you want to know what it feels like to be the happiest you could ever be, try sharing the gospel with someone. Start now to share your faith with your friends. Bear your testimony often, and if you don`t have one, that`s okay. STart now to work to gain a testimony. I know with my whole heart this gospel is true and I have never been happier than I am right now serving the Lord as a missionary. 

I hope that`s good:) 

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