Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hope everyone had a fabulous week! My week was pretty awesome. We had some serious rain storms which I loved!! The rain actually was a miracle for us on Friday. We planned to visit a less active sister and so we biked to her apartment complex and it started sprinkling while we were parking our bikes.  As soon as we got inside the building it started dumping like there was no tomorrow. It was insane and so loud inside the apartment building. The sister wasn't home and it was still pouring so we decided to do housing in the apartment building. We start at the top usually and work our way down and on the 3rd floor I think from the bottom we knocked on a door and a really nice lady answered the door. We introduced ourselves and our message and just talked with her for a little bit. We found out she has cancer in her back, I think the spine, and so she has to go to the hospital a few times a week and she was on her way there when we knocked on her door so we couldn't talk for very long. But we asked her if we could come back and talk with her some more and she said yes and we were able to make a specific return appointment! After we said goodbye and turned to walk down the stairs we realized the rain had completely stopped. So awesome and such a great miracle from the Lord.
Another experience we had was while we were streeting. I don't know if streeting is used everywhere but if it's not it's just while we're riding to different locations we stop and talk with people on the street. Anyways there was an old lady waiting for the bus and so we stopped to talk with her. She was super nice and funny and talked with us for a long time. Old lady's like to talk about anything and everything when we stop and talk with them haha. Anyways we finally were able to share more about our message and our purpose haha and she said at first that she was busy for the rest of August and so we asked if we could meet with her in September and she said yes so we were able to make an appointment for this next Sunday to meet with her again. After we were talking about Hokkaido and we said that the food is really good, she asked us what we really like and we were all like, `Sushi!` and she's like `oh, well when we meet again let`s all go eat sushi together!` and we`re all like, oh really? okay haha. I love Japan.
So a lot more awesome stuff happened this week but I`m really slow at emailing today so my time is out so I hope everyone has a great week!!
Murray Shimai

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