Monday, August 12, 2013


I got transferred! I was really sad to be leaving Kitami but also excited to see new places and meet new people. Higashi is one of the areas near Sapporo. I don't know, maybe like a district of sapporo or something like that. So I went from the countryside five hours away to the city haha. Higashi isn't as busy and big as Sapporo but it's a lot bigger and busier than Kitami. It`s actually a ward here and the members are super awesome! Oh my new companions. Ya I'm in a trio!! The group of missionaries that came last week had so many sisters that there weren`t enough people to train them and me and my group. We have a trainer our first transfer and then a follow-up trainer our second transfer. I was really bummed to leave Nanjo shimai but I love my new companions and I know she will be able to bless more missionaries lives. My new trainer is Kuroki shimai who is on her fourth transfer and Nagamine shimai who is a  bean. Yes, I have two Japanese companions. Nagamine shimai was the ONLY japanese sister in the group and I'm one of her companions haha. She can't speak english and Kuroki shimai can only speak a little. So these days I'm literally surrounded by Japanese 24/7. My japanese should improve a lot this transfer though so I'm really grateful for this opportunity. Oh I forgot to mention that Higashi is a new area for sister missionaries! I get to open another area! So much fun! Our apartment is brand new so that's pretty awesome. Um...we went to this way awesome park on Saturday for a ward picnic and climbed a huge hill. It sounds lame but it was really cool haha. Ah, our first day of proselyting in Higashi we were walking and got caught in a torrential down-pour! We eventually found our apartment, we all have issues with directions, and had to change and then go back out to a members house for dinner. It was fun!
Well sorry this a short email but I hope you enjoy it! I hope everyone has a fabulous week!
Murray Shimai

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