Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Higashi fun! - Aug. 18, 2013

So it's extremely hot here. Just thought everyone should know haha. It's been a pretty fun week though. We had dinner with one of the ward members the other night. She's 90 years old and got baptized just 2 years ago! She's so awesome and she's way good at the piano. But it was really awesome having dinner at her house and looking at pictures from a long time ago haha. Dinner was yummy. She brought out bowls of soup and I looked down and saw some beady black eyes looking back at me. There were 3 big shrimp still with shell, eyes and everything. We had to pick them out with the chopsticks and then peel the shell and head off with our fingers. It was delicious just a little unnerving bringing the bowl up to drink and having some black eyes staring into my face. So that was fun. In other exciting news involving food, there's a really famous chocolate brand called Royce' chocolate in Japan and it's in other asian countries and just opened a store in New York. Anyways the main plant is in Higashi or close to Higashi and the owner lives in Higashi and loves the missionaries so we were invited to his house because he wanted to meet the new missionaries. You can imagine how great a visit to the owner of a chocolate company would be. Let's just say we enjoyed some very delicious snacks and went home with more. Anyway, the owner is a super nice guy and has like 5 photo albums of pictures of all the missionaries who have been in Higashi since he first met them in like 2005!! So he's kind of an eternal investigator except not because he doesn"t listen to the lessons he just takes the missionaries to an expensive sushi restaraunt or invites them to his house haha. Anyways that was fun. Last night we went on splits with ward members and it was super fun. It started downpouring while we were out so that was fun. We're still trying to find new investigators but hopefully this week we can find some! Sorry not much time today, we're going to the zoo!!
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