Monday, July 29, 2013

I passed my 1 month anniversary of being in Japan!

Hey Hey Hey! Another fabulous week has happened here in Kitami. And another fabulous week has happened in the work of the gospel! Most importantly I have had curry about 4 times this week, all substantial helpings. Just kidding that's not the most important thing that`s happened but I thought you all should know. It`s a good thing it's delicious haha. I think people here think we starve ourselves because they always give us so much food when we eat with them. But I'm grateful for it:) In other food related news...We went to this lady`s house that we met housing last week and we made an appointment to come back on friday to visit some more. Well she had forgotten about us haha but she was really nice and invited us inside. Everytime you go into someones house they want to feed you and give you drinks and what not especially because it`s so warm outside. So after we talked for a little bit she got up and went to the kitchen to get us something to drink and she asked us something and then Nanjo shimai asked me if I can drink soymilk. I said yes and then the lady brought us two full glasses of what looked like chocolate milk. It smelled really good and Nanjo shimai and I both took a drink right away and we're like, wo that`s good. It tasted like something smelled. Like the taste of it was a familiar smell, if that makes sense but I couldn`t figure out why. And then Nanjo shimai saw the carton and was like, coffee! The lady was like no, no coffee. So Nanjo shimai looked at the ingredients and sure enough there was coffee in it haha. We felt so bad because we had some big cups full of it and we`d drank out of them but we explained that we don`t drink coffee and the lady was really nice about it and said it`s okay. So that was an exciting experience. 

This past week we met a couple new investigators! Hopefully they will be open to the lessons and have a desire to learn more. Yesterday we were housing in an area that was having no positive response. That's pretty regular but it just felt like we weren't accomplishing anything. Then out of nowhere (spirit obviously) I remembered that Nanjo shimai had mentioned sometime ago that she wanted to go housing around where one of our Potential investigators lives. She agreed that we should go there so we rode our bikes there and started housing down a street. We still weren`t getting any positive feedback and then finally we came to this green house. We buzzed the intercom and a lady responded and I introduced who we are and the message we're sharing with people. We asked her if she's talked with missionaries like us before and she said she had but only about movies haha (elders). After a little bit she went off the intercom and came to the front door and invited us into the shoe area inside the doorway. We talked with her there for 30 or 40 minutes about the gospel and some other stuff. She was so nice and it felt so comfortable talking to her and I was able to speak more than I usually do. She said that right now she doesn't really think about whether or not God exists (very normal here) and that she`s not really interested in our message. But she said that if she becomes interested in it, then she will be in it 100%. She was so nice and funny and we want to teach her so bad. I know we were led to her by the spirit and that we were meant to talk with her for a reason. Whether she accepts the gospel now or not we were able to introduce her to it and maybe start her thinking about God and if he does exist. 

Sometimes when we meet people who are really nice and like talking to us but they don't accept the gospel it`s really hard and I think that they've missed their opportunity. But the great thing about God`s plan is that it includes everyone. He has a plan for everyone and if people don't accept the gospel from us, we've planted that seed and touched their life even if for only a moment, so that sometime in the future when they're ready they will accept it. I love talking about the gospel with people! I'm a little nervous everytime we go out to go housing or streeting or go to a lesson, but without fail as soon as I start talking about the gospel or bearing my testimony I feel calm and I can't stop smiling. It`s such an amazing feeling! 

Yesterday I met the area 70 for Hokkaido. He lives in Sapporo in Nanjo Shimai's old area so he recognized her and came and talked to us before church and then he talked to us afterwards for a while. He's super cool and funny. But I have to go so I'll have to tell you more next week!
Love you all!
Murray Shimai

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