Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 2 in Kitami: transfer 1

So humidity is taking a little getting used to. I`m pretty sure the Lord is really helping me out here though because before my mission I`m pretty sure I would have shriveled up and died in this weather. But it`s all new and fun to experience. So this week, hmmm. Well, for one, riding a bike with a skirt is always an adventure. Especially when you have almost Rexburg level winds some days. This past week we biked all over Kitami because it`s really hard to find people`s houses here. I mean it`s impossible for me but Nanjo shimai tells me it`s hard and we usually end up retracing our steps several times and sometimes we just go housing and hope we`ll find the people we`re looking for. Housing is also interesting. So many people are buddhist. I learned the word for that real fast haha. Everyone else says they're busy. I think every person in Japan is in a hurry somewhere. This one house we went to we rang the doorbell and knocked and this man came out. We said Konnichiwa and he just turned around and walked inside without saying anything haha. I guess our smiles aren`t as nice as we think haha. And there are so many dogs here. A lot of them are tied up outside and bark like crazy when we bike past. 

Let`s see...I`ve had tuna or maguri (I think) which is raw tuna, raw salmon and something else that Nanjo shimai didn`t know what it is called in english so I just tried it and it was pretty good. The raw tuna will take a little getting used to. It`s not gross-- the texture is just interesting. So at the beginning of the week we met this lady who we thought is an inactive member but she`s actually not a member at all. She was really friendly to us because her son and his family are really active in the church I guess. Anyways she invited us to this Japanese instrument concert on Saturday and so we got permission to go and we met her there. It was really cool. I kept almost falling asleep but it was way cool. I don`t know what they`re called but it`s like a flat box thing that sits on the table and they play it sitting down. So we had to leave early to get to a teaching appointment but it was fun. Okay I forgot to say that that morning I had tried Nato for the first time. Nato is like fermented beans that are a nasty sticky mess and are so not yummy. There aren`t many things that I can`t stomach and I think this might be one of those things. So I`m really full and sort of sick from eating Nato for breakfast still by the time we are biking to our teaching appointment. So we get to the lady`s house and she gives us these dough balls that had like strawberry shortcake inside. It sounds weird but it was delicious. So I was like okay I can handle this...I`m good for a few days, but I can handle eating this. Well after we were done with the lesson the lady fixes us dinner. Haha I think my eyeballs must have been popping out of my head by the time we left her house. And the dinner was a rice mixture with some nice thick slices of raw tuna on top :D I manage to finish this large bowl of food and then I go to eat this little side salad she made. I think okay it`s just some vegetables I can do this. Well I take one bite and I don`t know what kind of sauce was on it but I literally thought my mouth was on fire. It was so hot and I`m trying to just look natural as my face feels like it`s 1000 degrees. She also gave us cans of a vegetable juice so I thought that would help disperse the flames so I open that and sort of half chug it and it did not taste good at all but I still have more salad to finish so I keep drinking it while taking a drink of water intermittently. And then she asked us if we wanted dessert and we said we were full so she just dishes us up a small dish of dessert haha. I don`t know how I got back on my bike after that. Oh and just as were about to leave she brings out this entire case of juice boxes of that vegetable juice haha. Good stuff. 

So that was my fun adventure for this week. The work is going. We`re really trying to build our relationship with the ward members and get them excited to share the gospel with friends because we don`t ever really get anywhere with housing or streeting. So hopefully we will have more people to teach soon! 

Hope everyone is doing fabulous! Love you all!
Murray Shimai

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