Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 3

Hello America! 
This past week has been Fabulous! I crashed on, or I should say off, my bike for the first time on Wednesday. We were on the way to the park to play frisbee with our district so luckily I was wearing shorts. I find it kind of funny that the time I crash on my bike is the only time I`m not wearing a skirt. Anyways the curbs here are really intense and my bike tires are like road tires and so I was trying to go up onto the sidewalk but the front tire got stuck on the curb and my body was leaning to the side anticipating going up and over the curb. So you can guess what happened. Right as a car was going by...that was great haha. I got a gnarly bruise on my left hip so sleeping the past several nights has been fun:) Oh so I`ve seen the inside of a Japanese police station. I was only locked up for a couple of days. Just kidding. It was the Elders of course. We were doing dkk on thursday morning and Nielson choro called and was like, "Hey so we`re on our way to the police station, so can you come?" haha and we`re like, are they serious. And then one of the Police officers talked to Nanjo Shimai on the phone and to make a long story short, the elders got stopped by the police for some biking regulation and Fepuleai`i choro didn`t have his gaijin card which is really bad. His card was in Sapporo at the honbu (mission home) along with his passport. So he and Nielson choro had to stay at the police station until elders from Sapporo got there. So from like 3 to 9. The workers at the police station were all super friendly and I guess the cop who brought them to the police station wanted to talk to them about the church but he had to leave. Exciting stuff. 

The other day we were housing near an elementary school right when school got out and we saw one of the girls from church so we went over to say hi and she was with a couple friends who kept staring at me and could say hello but that was it. then pretty soon there were more girls and some of them ran up to more girls and was like `come on! there`s a foreigner!` haha so within like 5 minutes I was standing in front of a bunch of ten year old girls all staring at me and saying `hello`  so ya I don`t think I will ever be self-concious again. People who like attention should move here because every single person you pass will stare at you. Little kids especially.

Some exciting news is we have several new investigators! One of them was a referral that we went to visit and she`s this really cute older lady and when we said we were missionaries for the church she was really nice and talked with us for a while but then said she wasn`t interested in hearing more. But we kept talking to her and she told us that her sister had recently passed away and she said that she remembered learning something about resurrection before. So we taught her about the plan of salvation briefly in her doorstep and after we finished she invited us in and talked to us for a while longer. We asked her if we could come back and teach her more and she said yes! Super exciting. The Lord has people he has and is preparing to hear the gospel and he will lead them to us or us to them. It`s really special and exciting to be a part of this work. Every time I get frustrated or stressed about language or whatever, something really great will happen and I`ll feel okay about everything. I know that we`re never alone and that we are meant to go through challenges and trials so that we can learn and grow. I love the gospel so much and I love that it`s the same every where we go and the spirit is the same! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!
Murray Shimai

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