Monday, July 22, 2013

Zone Conference was AWESOME!

So we had Zone Conference in Obihiro this last week, for which we had to ride on a city bus for 5 hours! haha it was fun ;) So we actually ended up going on Tuesday instead of Wednesday so that we could do splits in Obihiro before and after zone conference. At first I was really nervous to do splits because I`m comfortable with my companion etc, but it was so much fun! Also 2 of my MTC sisters are in Obihiro and it was so much fun to spend time with them. But the highlight was most definitely zone conference. The workshops were all so amazing and I feel like every one was given just for me. One of the workshops was about being bold and I was thinking about how I`ve been really afraid to speak because I don't know a lot of words and what I do know doesn't usually come out in correct sentences and what not but during the workshop I was sitting there and I just got this feeling that I can do this! I'm sharing the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and sure, people might not be able to completely understand what I say but they will understand that they feel something new and different. In one of our lessons on Saturday we were teaching the Plan of Salvation to this really cute lady and at certain points I said what we practiced but then at other times I felt that I should ask a question and later I felt like I should share a personal experience. And at first I was like, no, that's just me.... the lesson is going fine I don't need to ask that. And I was afraid that she wouldn't understand me. But as the lesson went on I kept thinking about it and how this message is so important and how Heavenly Father knows her and her needs and so I need to listen to the Spirit. So after that I spoke when I felt like I should and my personal experience definitely was a jumble of broken sentences and long pauses but I felt the spirit so strong. In one of the devotionals at the MTC the speaker said to speak even when it's not correct, even when we're not sure how to make it work, because the Spirit will make it work. And I know that's what happened in that lesson. 
So it`s been a really good week full of learning and growing experiences. I know Heavenly Father is mindful of us and he knows when we're struggling and when we're discouraged. He knows when and how to send us help and comfort. I love this gospel so much and I know that it's true!

Saturday night the branch had a single adult activity night which was really fun. There were like 8 people there haha. We played ping-pong! and they asked me how good I was and I'm like, oh I'm a master, you know just joking around like I do. Because in my mind I'm thinking all Japanese people are awesome at ping-pong. Well they were good but somehow I beat everyone I played. I don't know. Missionary power I guess. It was really fun though just to be able to relax and have some fun. 

Today we have a district activity and we're going hiking! I don't remember where but I'm excited and it feels great to wear shorts and a t-shirt outside haha. 

P.S. Everyone, the bike accident really wasn't that bad. I could play ultimate frisbee right after it happened so it was all good. I was just being dramatic in my last email haha. 

Oh I forgot to mention something about zone conference. So after lunch we went back up into a room and Sister Evans rolled out this white board with 5 names on it and mine was on it and there were gift bags under each name and a big happy birthday banner so I got to celebrate my birthday again haha. And then all the beans (beanchan, greenie) had to sit in a row in the middle of the room and everyone else was staring at us and we're like, what is happening, is this some kind of initiation thing that's going to be wierd? But we just had to introduce ourselves and then everyone came and gave us presents. Like candy or little things. So much stuff. It was pretty awesome. Oh and something else exciting, we missed our bus Friday morning to come back to Kitami and the next one wasn't for an hour and a half! So we were at the bus station early and then we had like 10 minutes before it came and Nanjo shimai is like, oh we're going to be on the bus for 5 hours, I think I want some food! So we booked it around the corner to the Seico Mart and bought some snacks and then booked it back and the Elders are like, "ya we missed the bus" haha. So we went back and did personal study and then came back to the bus station. It was great fun! 

Anyways it was an awesome week! Love you all! Thank you so much for your prayers, I always feel them when I need a boost!
Murray Shimai

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