Monday, June 16, 2014

Today was the best day of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey friends! So this past week was rainy! Something you all should be familiar with. But it's been a blast being in a threesome again. We have seen so many miracles! I'm telling you Kushiro is booming with miracles. There are 7 missionaries here this transfer and we can see that God really has amazing things in store for Kushiro and is really hastening the work. We have met way awesome people on the street who want to meet us again and it's so awesome!!!! We met a highschooler the other day on the street walking her dog who loves basketball! Yatta! We're going to play together sometime! And she was really interested in our message as well! And one of the million miracles we had today was that while we were biking to someones house we stopped to talk to a lady working in her garden and We talked for a while and then we noticed the dog and Johnson shimai asked the dog's name and it was the same as the girl's we met on the street! And then the lady was like 
"ya, didn't you meet my granddaughter on the street the other day?" !!!!!! Whoa! We found her grandma! Haha. And then she came home while we were talking and we got to talk to her a little bit! Seriously. Missions are insane. I have never had a clearer or more personal witness that Heavenly Father is here and guiding things then I have this past year. There is no limit to what God can do! We can't pass up any opportunity even if it just seems like every other opportunity. We can't possibly know what will come of talking to someone or taking a chance on someone just by looking at them. 

Today was so full of awesome! On our way back to the church to email we stopped to talk to a girl walking home from school and she is the coolest girl I've ever met. Seriously. She just stopped and casually talked to us like it was totally normal and like we had been friends before. We just talked with her for a while and we gave her our contact information because she couldn't remember hers haha. And she just mailed us! We made a cool friend! haha. And we had a member mail us today and ask if we had time tomorrow to do a lesson with her friend who came to church like 2 weeks ago! She made the appointment for us and everything! Oh and yesterday we met this grandma on the street while we were just sitting on our bikes eating cookies a member gave us and she walked by and I said Konnichiwa and she turned and started talking to us. She talked with us for an hour on the street! And she gave us her address and phone number and we made an appointment for this week! 

When Aoyagi shimai came to Kushiro and we worked with her and Evans shimai she told me and Johnson shimai that if we continued working like we were that people were going to come to us, find us. People who are prepared. And it's totally happening like crazy!!! We have more investigators than I've ever had in my mission and the members are doing missionary work like crazy!! Life is so great! I know in order to have this success and see all these miracles we have to live worthy and continually exercise our faith and believe that we will have success. And always express our gratitude to our Heavenly Father. After all it's only because of him that we have any success at all! I know that's true for everyone and that Heavenly Father is waiting to shower us all with blessings if we open up our arms to receive them! Probably can't hold onto all of them at once but I guess if we're overflowing with blessings they might spill out to those around us and then it's all good! The only spill you don't have to worry about cleaning up is a spilled blessing! 
I love you all and pray for you! Thank you for your prayers and love! I feel it always!

Murray shimai

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