Monday, June 9, 2014

New Transfer!! #9!!! I'm a grandma!

Hey everyone! Another transfer has started and I can't believe it's my 9th! I'm getting so old. But anyways exciting news I have. I'm staying in Kushiro! and so is Johnson shimai! and so is.....the other Johnson shimai! Yes. We became a threesome. And yes, my old companion came to Kushiro. And yes I'm sandwiched between two Johnson shimais. Oh people are just getting the biggest kick out of this let me tell you. Heard just about all the jokes in the book haha. But really it's the best. It's so much fun! And the members were overjoyed to have another sister. Great things are going to happen this transfer!

On transfer day we had a sisters conference which was awesome! But it was so sad because Evans shimai is leaving soon and that was the last time for all of us sisters to be with Evans shimai. She really is the best. So ya we had to go to Sapporo again for that and to pick up Johnson shimai. It was hot. And now its raining in Kushiro haha. feels like summer at home. We still wear coats and thick tights here. It's great. 

We had an awesome miracle happen last night when we were biking home. We were coming home and we got to this crazy steep hill that we always have to walk up. So we're walking up and we get to the top of it and there was a lady in her car doing something but we said hi to her and she saw us and had this surprised reaction that was kind of interesting but we kept walking and about 20 seconds later we heard someone calling to us and we turn around and it was the lady! She was running towards us with a plate of something asking if we would eat it! We were like, um, ya we'll eat it haha. She finally got to us and she had a plate with really yummy looking stuff and said that she had just got home from her mom's house and her mom had given her a ton of food and she was just wondering who she could give some of it to when we walked by her house! Wo!! 
So we talked with her for a while and told her about english class and she was way pumped about it and said she wanted to see us again and that it was goen or like, luck, that she met us! 
After we left her we had to stop and say a prayer of thanks because that was definitely a miracle and she was so incredibly nice and clearly followed the spirit even though she doesn't know that. 

Seriously miracles are so abundant it's insane. I know Heavenly Father is mindful of us and will always provide food for hungry missionaries.....and other things we need haha. And he always gives us opportunities to share the gospel! Don't be afraid to take them!
Love you all!

Murray shimai

New transfer!

Yay threesome!

Three's a party

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