Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spring is non-existent in Kushiro

We took Maaya shimai dendoing with us! She's visiting her grandparents in Kushiro for a couple months!

Hey everyone!
What a crazy fantastic growing experience week! I could write a small book with all the great things that happened but I`m going to have to give you the cliffnotes version. sorry. 
So last last week during weekly planning Johnson Shimai and I felt really strongly that we really needed to start making more of an effort to get members involved with our work. It`s really hard because like literally everyone works and is so busy but we made a goal that we were going to try and pray really hard to be able to have more members in lessons and things. One really cool experience we had was that we had a scheduled lesson for Tuesday and we didn't have a Team up for it. We still didn't have one on Tuesday morning. But we decided we still needed to try so we mailed a member and asked her if she would have time around 2 to go with us to a lesson. She called us back right away and said that she had to work then but she would be home around 5. So we called our investigator and asked if it would be okay if we came around 5:30 instead and brought a friend and she said that would be totally fine! So we went at 5:30 instead and were able to take a member with us and it went really well. And the amazing thing is that the sister we went with told us that she never gets home that early. She always works until 7 or 8! But for some reason that day she got done at like 4:30! We know that Heavenly Father was helping us make our goals and that because we put in our effort and tried all we could He helped make it work. I know this truly is the Lord's work and that nothing is too great to accomplish as long as we do all we can and work with the Lord. Miracles are really just moments in our every day lives being touched by the Lord's hands. 
We also had a member lesson with a really awesome sister in the branch and her boyfriend's sister. She was an investigator since the sisters opened Kushiro 5 transfers ago but she hasn`t met with the missionaries since the transfer before last. Then at the beginning of last week the sister in the ward mailed us and asked if we had time on Friday that we could do a lesson! She asked us! And we're like, yea we got time! So on Friday night the member and the investigator picked us up and we went out to eat at this restaraunt that was a little out in the middle of nowhere but it was delicious. 
But we were so excited for the lesson because we were going to talk about temples and we had earlier prepared a room at the church with pictures of temples and flowers and it was really nice. So we finished eating and were so excited to get to the church and start the lesson and we get back to the car, but the key won't go into the ignition! Like the ignition closed up or something. So Mai shimai tries a bunch of times and Johnson shimai and I are just praying because we really want to do this lesson but it still won`t go in. So they call a car place and after talking for a while they said they would come to us with another car. But while we were waiting in the car we actually started talking about temples and we did part of a lesson in the car haha. But then the car people came and we switched cars and it was this sweet new eco car that was really nice but that does`t matter haha. We finally get to the church and we`re all just feeling a little chaotic and what not but we walk into the room we had prepared and it was so peaceful and the biggest calm feeling filled us as we entered the room. The spirit was there and the environment just changed completely and we were able to have a really great lesson and testify with the spirit about temples. It was really a special experience. 
So never give up on goals you have made. Keep trying and working for them and seeking heaven's help because it will come and it will take you from a hectic chaotic situation to a peaceful spirit filled one. 
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Murray Shimai
A less active member brought a bunch of homemade hot sandwiches 
to our apartment for us!

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