Monday, May 19, 2014


Hey everyone! Sorry this week is short, I had a lot of emails to write today. Also this morning we went to the Marshlands just outside of the town! It was so cool. The marshlands here are the largest in all of Japan and the guy we went with who is actually a guide for them told us that the city of Tokyo can fit inside them haha! Crazy. It was so cool though. And so beautiful and so open! It felt so good to really be out in nature! On the drive we saw deer and a fox and some kind of huge bird thing that was too far away to tell but it was huge. Anyways it was really awesome. And just like everytime I`m in nature it just made me really grateful for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for creating such a beautiful earth for us to live in! 

This past week was awesome of course. Tons of miracles and meeting with awesome people! The work is going amazing here and we'

re really working harder than ever before. I can totally see the Lord blessing us and guiding us in this work as we put forth all that we can give and when we do all we can and the only way we can see to move forward is with a miracle, He never lets us down. Every time the Hand of the Lord reaches down and makes a pathway for us. It really is so special and the most amazing experience. Everyday I feel like I`m just living with a prayer of gratitude in my heart because the blessings are so numerous! God truly loves us and he loves those we are trying to reach and he wants them to accept the gospel even more than we do! He will help us if we do all we can and work alongside Him!

I love you all and feel your prayers everyday!
Murray shimai

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