Sunday, December 1, 2013

December is here!

TimTam's are soooooooo yummy!!

Yay! Hello Everyone!
This past week was Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a good one! We had
a mish-mash of leftovers and food from members for our Thanksgiving
dinner! It was yummy! In other food news, of course I have food news,
let me tell you what I experienced this week. Okay so in some of my
past emails I've talked about eating with members and being extremely
full right? Okay and that was after one members house. This past week,
Tuesday, we ate at three different members houses. Yes, three houses,
one day. Randomly tuesday was the day everyone had time. Okay heres
the schedule. 1:00- Lunch with Watanabe Shimai, super yummy and super
full after that. Travel to the Sawaguchi families home. At this point
still full. 5:30, a huge bowl of ramen is placed in front of me and a
side bowl of rice. The only explanation I have as to how I ate all of
it is a Miracle. Heavenly Father truly blesses his missionaries :)
Okay so I am uncomfortably full at this point. Like I'm not sure how I
walked to the bus stop. Then we travel to the bus station and Ono
Bishop and Ono shimai picked us up there in their car and we went to
their home. We walked in the door and smelled what, under normal
circumstances would have been a delicious smell. But under our
circumstances it was more of a "I want to cry" smell haha. There was
homemade pizza on the table and big bowls of soup. When we got home
that night we just collapsed and the next day were still feeling the
affects of eating so much haha. It was a great day.

In other news, snow! Yay! It's pretty cold. It looks so Christmasy
outside. I can't believe Christmas is next transfer! Time is going so
fast!! Work in Teine is still going. We found several potential
investigators this last week while housing so yay! Winter might not be
so bad because we were housing the other night while it was snowing
and everyone was super nice to us haha. Yay snow! Yesterday I
experienced a little miracle. We were housing and we hadn't had much
success like all week. And I realized that I had started to just
expect everyone to immediately say they aren't interested and didn't
really believe that anyone would want to listen to us. So yesterday we
were housing and we went to a house and it was my turn to do the
intercom and as I was walking up to the door I just said to myself
that that person was going to listen to us. I pushed the button and a
really nice mom answered and we talked with her for a little bit and
introduced about eternal families and we made an appointment to go
back next week! Faith and hope are so powerful! If you want to see
success you will!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Murray Shimai

Family home evening/ ysa activity at a members house!

Getting ready for the feast...


Dinner with the Konno Family! Konno Shimai teaches english!

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