Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hey! Life is fabulous!

So remember my email last week how I was sort of
expressing feelings of sadness haha. Anyways this last week we found a
really awesome lady while housing! She talked with us for 45 minutes
in her door. We taught a really short restoration lesson and gave her
a Book of Mormon and she said that anytime we were close to come back
and we exchanged phone numbers. We asked her to read the Book of
Mormon and she asked us if there was a specific area we recommended
her to read and me and Muraoka shimai were like, oh uh yes we do haha.
That's the first time someone asked us for a reading recommendation
so it took a minute but then, thank you Spirit, I was like oh ya,
Moroni 10:3-5. That really awesome scripture with a really awesome
promise. So we read that with her and she was like, mm so desu ne.
Which is like agreeing with it. Then we went back yesterday and
visited her and we talked with her for an hour and a half haha. She
had actually read a couple pages of the Book of Mormon! Yes! She said
she didn't understand a lot of it and we're like well did you feel
anything as you were reading it? And she was like, no not really. I
was reading it while I was watching t.v.....uh haha. But hey God is
all powerful right? The Spirit can do amazing things and I believe it
can still touch her heart while she reads the Book of Mormon even if
the t.v. is on too. We're praying hard for her.

So that was the miracle of the week. A pretty big one. That was really
a testimony to me that if we work diligently and continue to exercise
our faith in the hardest times, when it feels like we aren't having
any success, that's when the blessings come. That's when we see the
miracles. I know that's not just for missionary work but for all of us
in every stage of our lives.

We also ate a lot of really yummy food with ward members. That was
great. Sorry this is a short email, we're busy today. This week is
Thanksgiving! Yay! Next transfer is Christmas! What?!

Love everyone and hope everyone is fabulous!!


Murray Shimai

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