Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

We love eachother :-)

Okay it's not actually snowing here yet but I saw yuki mushi yesterday and one of the lady's we stopped and talked to on the street last week said it might snow this week!! Yay! Tanoshimi!! Oh oh ya I forgot, transfers were last week. So I got transferred! I'm in Teine now. It's still part of the Sapporo areas and it's an open area for sisters! Ya I'm opening another area but this time I don't have a senior companion to rely on which is a little scary. Oh ya and I'm follow-up training again and oh ya my companion is Japanese again haha. If my Japanese isn't improved after this transfer something is wrong. My companions name is Muraoka shimai and she's also from Okinawa! Ya! My Japanese is probably going to be a little abnormal :) 
 So we actually live in Kotoni with the Kotoni shimai and ride our bikes to the Teine area everyday which is fun. Teine is like at the base of mountains so it's basically a bunch of steep hills that people decided to live on. It's also super pretty. There's the mountains which are super pretty right now and then there's a lot of trees that are all red and orange so it's a really beautiful area to be in right now. 

Muraoka shimai actually speaks less english than Nagamine shimai which is a pretty big feat haha so that's fun. The Kotoni shimai are Hisakawa shimai (mtc doki!) and Johns shimai so when we're all home we like all automatically split to english people and Japanese people and talk like crazy haha. It's fun! Anyways life is great! Last week for P-day we hiked Maruyama yama which was totally fun and you could see all of Sapporo. Super fun! Hope everyone is fabulous!

Murray Shimai

My mom (trainer) went home :(

Hiking Maruyama yama
Transfer spot!

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