Monday, November 11, 2013

SNOWWWWWW!! (For real)

Yay for lots of rain!
Hey everyone, it's snowing!!! It started this morning and it's been pretty constant throughout the morning. It's pretty darn chilly outside. So ya life is great. Last week we had stake conference, so yesterday was our first sunday in the Teine ward and it was awesome! The members are super nice. One of the members runs a cafe and invited us for dinner on Thursday night there. Then she brought us pudding to our apartment last night. The best pudding I have ever eaten in my entire life. That is not an exaggeration haha. 

Last week was pretty good. We had splits on Thursday night and Friday and that was fun. I was with a 2nd transfer bean and so I basically had to speak and understand everything.... that was a little scary but it was also fun to dendo with another gaijin. While we were out biking trying to find a house it was pouring and then it started hailing and it was super windy so that was a blast. Luckily it didn't last very long. Then the other day Muraoka shimai and I biked to one of the farthest places in our area to visit an O.I. (it took us 2 hours to bike to the house ;) ) and right away the man who answered the door was like "No, I'm not interested." That was a little disappointing but a lady across the street was outside working in her garden and so we went over and talked with her and she was super nice. That was fun but it gets better. So we're like super far from our apartment right, and my back bike tire decides to go flat. Ya. At first it wasn't horrible so I still rode for a ways because we had a ways to go to get home. Well pretty soon it was completely flat and there was a bump or something on the rim so I was riding, basically dragging the back wheel, riding on the rim and every few seconds "clunk, clunk, clunk..." haha. So we walked for quite a ways and then it was getting close to curfew so we rode for a little while and I clunk-clunked the whole way haha. That was a fun adventure. We're going to be using the bus soon though because of the snow. I guess it could have been worse timing. In happy good news, yesterday we met with a girl that we met on the street! She's so cool. We met her our first day working in Teine and she can't hear but she can read lips super good and she can speak really good. She's 22 I think and super nice and fun to talk with. Yesterday we talked a little about church and stuff but hopefully we'll be able to teach her more. We're still working on finding new investigators but on Tuesday we're going with the Elders to meet a few of their investigators and they'll probably pass them to us so that's exciting! With the snow coming we'll be able to do shovel dendo haha. Carry a shovel everywhere and shovel people's driveways for them and shovel anywhere. Should be fun. I'm excited! Snow!! 
Anyways hope everyone is fabulous! Love from Sapporo!Murray Shimai

This picture is the view from the balcony of our apartment

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