Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas! - Dec. 12/22/2013

At the chocolate factory

It's a white christmas!! And it doesn't show signs of stopping....:)
It's  been a fabulous chilly week! I've only fallen twice walking around. Of course both times it was in front of someone. The one person walking down the abandoned street haha. But dendo is so super fun in the snow. And people are really nice to us. This last week was really awesome though because we got a new investigator! And she is so awesome. She also wants to learn english so that's fun too. And she has a 22 year old daughter who also wants to learn english but she's super busy with work right now but next month we're going to meet with her and hopefully start doing the family english program with her. I'm super excited.

We missed the last night bus twice this past week. That was fun. So we call the Bishop and are like, "Bishop, sorry, we missed the bus..." and he called someone else who lived closer to us to pick us up. Then yesterday we were eating dinner with a less active lady and she likes to talk a lot so we finally left and ran to the bus stop as usual and missed it by like 2 minutes. Japan is on the ball with their buses.
Anyways we called the bishop and we're like, "hey bishop, sorry we missed the bus....again...." haha. And he's like "okay I'm coming right now". He's super awesome.

But this week was super fun and this next week we have lots of really fun things happening! yay! Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Murray Shimai
Inside the chocolate factory. We all share an apartment.

The ocean, viewed out of the train window. That's why it's a little fuzzy.

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