Sunday, December 8, 2013

This week is Transfer 5!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!! What is happening to the time?

This past week was pretty awesome! We met some super awesome people. We're still struggling to find some investigators but we've been able to talk with a lot of really nice people and even though they didn't accept our invitation to listen to our message at this time, I know that they'll have another opportunity and at some point it will be the right time for them. I'm learning that being a missionary isn't just seeing baptisms but it's also about the baptisms we don't see. Being a missionary isn't just finding people and baptizing them but it's also about introducing people to the message of the restoration and helping them to feel the spirit and having the opportunity to learn about the gospel. Seeds have to be planted before the flower grows right? A lot of people who get baptized had met missionaries in the past or had some interaction with church in some way before. So even if you share the gospel with someone and they don't accept it at that time maybe sometime in the future they will be ready and they will remember their first interaction. That's so important. Don't get frustrated if a missionary moment doesn't turn out how you wanted it to. God has a plan for everyone and the missionary moment was part of the plan for that person on their path of progression. They needed that moment, that opportunity in order to progress. I'm really learning that every day as we knock, and knock, and knock on doors and no one has interest.

But back to the awesome people we met. One lady we talked with for about an hour and she gave us a taste of this super yummy mayonnaise that she eats. Ya I don't really remember how mayonnaise came up in our conversation haha. We also met a lady who was like I'm Buddhist so I can't listen to your message. But she was super nice and was like just a second and she went back into her house and came back with some snacks and then we talked a little and left to keep housing. We were walking up the street and the lady came outside walking towards us and said, "Sorry I didn't give you very much, here's some chocolate.
Please eat it when you get hungry while you're walking around." I'll tell you I have met some of the most charitable and kind people in my life here who don't realize they're emulating Christ. Speaking of charitable. Another lady we met. Her genkan was super cute and decorated with all this Christmas decorations. She came out and was like, sorry I can't listen to your message...something about her husband....some other stuff.....I can't listen to your message. So I was like, oh well hey, your Christmas decorations are really great! And then she went into long explanations for each one haha. And she makes little gifts for her neighbors and writes notes for them when something bad happens to them. Like she is seriously a relief society member. It was really strange because you know how it feels different when you go to a members house than when you go to someone else's house? Well it totally felt like we were at a members house and talking to a member. It was the warmest happy feeling talking to her. So strange. Someday she's going to be able to listen to the message of the gospel and accept it.

Well hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying life!

Murray Shimai

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