Sunday, October 5, 2014

It`s cold again.

Well that was fast. The cold has returned. But no snow yet haha. Although we did see yuki mushi yesterday. They are bugs that come out before it's going to get freezing and snow. Yay! 
Oh ya, so I transferred! I'm still by the ocean though so it's still the same chilly weather :) I'm in an area called Muroran! My companions name is Jo shimai! She's really awesome and really funny. It's way hisashiburi having a Japanese companion and having to speak Japanese 24/7 but it's really fun. And it's fun to teach her funny english. I taught her 'wet willy' the other day and she said it was gross haha. But we get along really great and the members here are so cool so I'm excited for this transfer. It's so amazing every time I go to a new area or a new ward how fast everyone loves you and you love them. It hurts to leave your old area but it's so awesome to be able to make more new friendships. Love really is the center of Christ's gospel! 

And I love being a missionary!!! Missionary work is so fun and so full of miracles! Sorry this is really short but ya, I'll write more next week!
Love you all!

Murray shimai

Bus ride to Sapporo

This is a picture of all of my companions minus Nanjo shimai and Baker shimai.

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