Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hey! So this past week was awesome. Highlight would probably be that we started the Free Family English Program with this really awesome mom! She's a friend of a member. And the fun thing is that they live really far away. Fun thing about Hokkaido is that some areas are humongous. So we have to ride the train for 45ish minutes or 20ish if we get the fast one and then the sister picks us up at the train station and we drive for another 30 minutes to get to her home haha. And it is some of the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen. You all should visit Hokkaido because WOW. It sounds weird in english but when you look at the scenery you're so moved and feel so amazed at the power of God. 
But ya so we started the english program and it went so awesome. Her english is already really good and she has a little bit of a British accent because she lived in Britain for a little bit when she was younger. So she has a cooler english voice than me haha. But it was really fun. And everyone (there's four of us) copy the things I do because they don't know what's normal and what's weird so it's really funny. I'm actually more nervous about the english part than the lesson part because I've forgotten english. It's kind of a problem. Anyways the lesson part went really well. The mom is one of those people who is totally prepared for the gospel. She feels the spirit all the time and told us that when she ate dinner with the member's family and they prayed to bless the food she felt something and she wants to be able to pray like that! 
This whole experience is just a testimony builder to me that God really does have a plan. The member family has only lived there for 5 years and there aren't missionaries where they live. So through that member who is living the gospel everyday we were able to meet this amazing mom that probably wouldn't have had an opportunity to meet the missionaries or learn about the church otherwise. Being a missionary is so awesome! Everyday we get to see the hand of the Lord guiding and working in people's lives. 
Yesterday I gave my last testimony in Sacrament meeting. It was kind of weird because they told me a couple weeks ago and said, "You have 10 minutes and your topic is things you have learned on your mission." haha! What! In 10 minutes!? But it went really good I think.
Yup. Hope you all an awesome week!

Murray shimai

This is my companion, Jo shimai. She was born in Brazil but grew up in Japan. Her mom is Japanese but was born and raised in Brazil and her Dad is Brazilian. He was a professional soccer player and now teaches soccer here in Japan. She's way awesome. One of my favorite comps ever!

This is a yuki mushi or snow bug.
The farthest left is a sister in the ward and the lady next to her is the one we started the english program with. We're at her house which is like in the middle of the mountains haha. It's sweet.

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