Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yuki Matsuri!!! (Snow Festival)

Yes, all the buildings are made entirely of snow...

Hey everyone!
It was a fabulous week! More snow and a little blizzardy but super fun. We had a big zone conference. We had it with 2 other zones because the doctors from Tokyo came to give us some health and stress workshops and stuff. It was really good. And we got to go to the Snow Festival! It is so awesome. Like it's not just a bunch of sculptures, I mean there are a bunch of sculptures but there's also really awesome stuff. And there are a ton of Gaijin (Foreign, non-Japanese people) there. It was a little weird haha.

We met a really awesome lady on the street the other day who was really friendly and said that she thinks about God every day and is interested in learning more about him but she's really busy right now. Unfortunately we couldn't get her contact information but we told her about English Class because she's also interested in English and she said she'll try to come so I really hope we'll be able to meet her again. We also got a new investigator. She's one of those investigators who isn't really strongly interested in the gospel but she wants to be our friend and wants to feed us. Little steps though,
little steps.

Kapeliela shimai is sick and her throat is pretty nasty. I know because I've looked at it several times. So that's been a bummer, especially because we  have the musical fireside this saturday. Which by the way is going to be so good. You should all be excited to hear the cd in the future. We do the concert twice so it's going to be fun. We've had music practice like crazy. There is no messing around about music with Evans shimai (the Mission President's wife). We have practice schedules for P-day. It's great haha.

But this week was pretty awesome.  Fun times.

Murray Shimai

When you're sick in Japan you wear a mask. You just do. And I'm wearing one because I don't want to get sick. When you go outside it looks like a bunch of people prepared to do surgery 
are walking around.

We call this one the Tree of Life

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