Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yay! Another fabulous week! We had Ongaku no Yube on Saturday night! a.k.a. musical fireside. We've been practicing for it forever, like every p-day and stuff and we finally had the first concert. It was so much fun and all the songs sounded so awesome! Can't wait to do it again in March!

Mission life is still going. We met this really awesome young mom on the street who was super interested in English Class and will probably come this week so I'm excited! We also visited our new friend we met housing and she made us curry. It was kind of awkward because we got to her house and there were two plates on the table and her and her husband are like, please sit down. And then they fed us and we ate at the table while they sat and read the newspaper and every now and then I asked a question because I felt extremely awkward haha. But they're super nice and like, world travelers. Super awesome. And they invited us to go eat sushi with them next time. So that's great. The problem
is teaching is a little bit of a challenge but they ask us tons of questions about mission life and about church so we're able to teach through their questions. We're working on them and praying really hard
that their hearts will soften more to the gospel.

We also met with the elders investigator again. The mom and her two kids. It was so much fun. We played a lot and taught some english and talked about church and it was a great time.

It's snowed quite a bit this past week and been pretty windy so even when it's not snowing the wind blows all the loose snow around and up your nose and down your neck haha. It's great and people are really nice to us when we go housing. People on the streets usually aren't very happy when we try to stop and talk to them haha. 
Love you all!

Murray Shimai

This is the view from our apartment.

The snow looks pretty nasty in some places haha

The weather can feel a bit like being in Siberia sometimes....brrr, brrr.

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