Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snow Festival and Zone Conference

We love snow!

Hello Everyone!
This week is going to be so awesome. We have a huge zone conference with two other zones because the doctor is coming from Tokyo to check up on everyone and give a health workshop and fun stuff like that, and then in the evening after that we all get to go to the snow festival. So stay tuned for that next week.

This past week was awesome and exciting. So if anyone remembers my first area where I was trained was Kitami. And it was also Kapeliela Shimai's bean area so we always talk about how great it was and how we love the people and stuff. Well this last week we got to go back!! The sister training leaders called us the week before and asked if we wanted to go with them to Kitami to do splits! So that was a crazy awesome unexpected surprise! And it was way awesome because I got to visit a family in the ward and I was actually able to talk and have a conversation with them! It was so much fun. Yippee!

On monday was the FHE at the mission home and Kapeliela shimai and I were asked to give the spiritual message. That was a little nerve wracking. I was really nervous and I forgot about the scripture I wanted to share and so after we said amen I saw the Book of Mormon and was like , oh everyone later read 1 Nephi 17:13, it's a really great scripture! haha and then President Evans was like, well do you want to read it right now, and so I asked someone's investigator to read it. So I guess it turned out ok haha. Good stuff. But it was really fun. We did a tatoe where we started off with all the lights off and talked about how sometimes our life seems dark and we can't see where we should go or what our purpose is. But God loves us all so he provided a way for us to see and to have light in our life. Then we turned a flashlight on a picture of Jesus Christ and talked about him and stuff. Then we sang Teach me to Walk in the Light and Kapeliela shimai played the ukelele so I think it went pretty well. It was really fun.

But life is going pretty great. It's still cold and snowy. February is actually the coldest month of the year as everyone we talk with informs us haha. So we have that to look forward to. Good thing February is also the shortest month :D.

Hope everyone is doing awesome!! Hope the superbowl left everyone in good spirits! ......sorry if it ended differently and this is a tender subject.....:)

Murray Shimai

Riding the bus for 6 hours home from Kitami. It's normally a 5 hour drive but it was really snowy....

This is looking out the window of the bus.

Again, 6 hours on a bus, haha.

On splits in Kitami

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