Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week I don't want to know what number....

So...surprise! I'm in a threesome now! Ya Baker Shimai and I have a new companion! Sister Biddle, who is from Australia, no big deal. She totally looks like Kissing Kate Barlowe from "Holes". She actually came in the same time as us but then got moved up because she took japanese in high school and is really good at it. But she hasn't been able to get her visa so she's been in like 5 different districts now. She should be leaving with us in three weeks though. I feel so bad that she hasn't been able to go but at the same time we love having her in our district. It's so amazing because ever since we got here and more so the past week or two when we're all together or saying prayer at night we'll all be like, "is someone missing? Is everybody here?" And now we know why we felt that way. Baker shimai and I were apologizing to Biddle shimai because we're pretty sure she's staying for us more than for her haha. It's definitely an adjustment learning to be in a threesome but I know it's going to be such a great experience. Heavenly Father knows what you need and I know this is part of His plan.
We had a way cool experience at devotional on sunday night. The guest was Ted Gibbons, who apparently has done a lot of really cool stuff but none of us had heard of him. Anyways we noticed when we got into the gym that the stage was empty except for a table with a couple things on it and a chair. So we figured it was going to be something different. Anyways when it was time for him to start he walked up to the stage and acted like he was opening a door and then went across the room and looked out a window. Then he introduced himself as Willard Richards. The whole devotional was him telling his story from the time of his conversion until the martyrdom. It was such an amazing experience! We also had mission conference since it was fast sunday and that was amazing. I felt the spirit so strong the entire time. It's such a blessing to be here for two months! Baker shimai and I were talking about how we've already had such amazing experiences here, we can only imagine what great experiences we'll have in Japan! I'm so excited.
I literally cannot think of what else has happened. Um...Oh well being a sister training leader is the most amazing experience. I love knowing all the sisters in the branch by name and knowing where they're coming from. It's so cool how the gospel touches people's lives and I can see the light of the gospel in all their eyes. They're all going to be such amazing missionaries. It's also been a blessing because most of them when we talk with them individually express the same frustrations with the language and not feeling up to par and so we've been able to really share our testimonies of how God called each of us to serve in Japan because he needs us there and because he has specific purposes for each of us in the areas we serve. He didn't call us to fail, he called us to succeed and we just need to put our faith in him and we will be able to accomplish the work he has for us to do.
The gospel truly is amazing and the power of the Holy Ghost is so real. I love being a missionary!
Murray Shimai

Oh p.s. do you see the hair? Brumley shimai totally curled it for me and doesn't it look awesome? The other day Gibbs shimai did my hair for me so basically I've got it made. haha.

With Brumley shimai

Lynell - of course, Brumley shimai, Baker shimai

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