Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week almost out of here! AHhhhhhh

 Sister Baker and I

Me and the girls on Sunday

Ohayo Gozaimasu!
Wow, what a seriously full and exciting week! So it's such an exciting time to be in the MTC! It's mission president's week so all the newly called mission presidents and their wives are here. It's so fun to talk to them! Also since it's mission presidents week we'll probably see general authorites around and for devotionals. Speaking of devotionals...tonight will be the first ever mtc devotional at the marriott center on the BYU campus!! Ya, for the summer every tuesday devotional we will all walk down to the marriot center for devo. Seriously it's so full here they have overflow rooms for every meeting. And a couple weeks ago or last week they opened the wyview campus so those missionaries will be able to see devotional live now instead of it always being a broadcast. Okay so for the exciting part! Dad probably knows about this meeting, but on June 23rd there's a world-wide leadership training that will be broadcast from the marriott center and the prophet and the general authorities will be there...and we'll be there! The mtc was asked to get together a massive choir, so we get to sing for the meeting. Our district is like, seriously what are the chances it's the night before we leave? I can't even begin to tell you how much we have been blessed and have been able to participate in some amazing things. Oh, on sunday our district sang "Come Thou Fount" in sacrament meeting. In all humility, it was beautiful. Brumley Shimai's mom sent her the sheet music for it and it was such a beautiful arrangement. The way we all meshed together so perfectly I think is evidence of how close we've grown. It was so amazing.
More exciting news! The new nihonjin senkyoshi (Japanese missionaries) arrived last night! As sister training leaders we get to pick them up and take them to their rooms and then this morning we picked them up for breakfast and then we pick them up and take them to devotional. They're so cute! And get this, there are 4 elders and 14 sisters! How cool is that! And 3 of the sisters and 2 of the elders are going to sapporo! So Biddle shimai speaks really good Japanese (she says she doesn't but she totally does) and so last night she was talking to them all and telling them what's going to happen and Baker shimai and I are just like standing there smiling at them all haha. Then Biddle shimai turns to me and asks if there's anything else we need to say and all I can remember in Japanese at that moment is "morumon sho wa shinjitsu desu." Which is "the Book of Mormon is true." Ya so that's what I said and it was sort of awkward haha. But they're so friendly and happy and excited about everything. Last night we were taking them to their rooms and so they had all their luggage and we had to go down a bunch of stairs and they're all small you know and I'm like can I help you take some of your stuff, and one of the shimai hands me her scriptures and is sincerely like, "arigato gozaimasu!" And I'm like uh I can help you with the big suitcase, but none of them would let us help them haha. Also last wed. we got two new districts in our branch. They're all super awesome and it's so fun because we actually get to know them on a personal basis. The sister training leader calling is so inspired and such a blessing. Not for me but for the sisters. The spirit is able to work through us and give the sisters the help, the comfort, the whatever they need that sometimes they need from outside their companionship.
Oh I don't think I said in my last letter. So Baker shimai and I had to move into Biddle shimai's room becasue our room was full. So we thought it was just going to be us three in that room so we're like sweet. But then we came back to show the kohai (new missionaries) our room as an example of what it should look like and there were all these suitcases in our room. So now we have roommates who are going to Canada! And they leave a week before us haha. So I'm definitely getting to meet so many people here. Mission life is awesome!
Murray Shimai

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