Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Leaving next week!!

Okay so, so much to talk about. So the nihonjin shimai tachi are flippin hilarious. Everytime we see them they act like we're super stars it's so funny. The other night we were visiting them in their classroom and just chatting it up and I saw Fujita shimai studying with Biddle Shimai. And to Fujita shimai I was like, "You still have to study Japanese?" And all seriously she says, "Ya, I'm not Japanese, I'm from the Phillipines." and Biddle shimai is like, "Ya she just moved to Japan a few years ago." and I'm like oh I'm so sorry I totally thought you were Japanese :/ And then a little while later Fujita shimai is like, "Oh by the way, I'm full Japanese" haha. It probably doesn't sound that funny as you read this but it was and there was more but it's hard to write it all down. All of them were laughing and I was like "How come you always tease me?" -- just joking and they were like, "because you're the baby" haha. One of the nihonjin is 19 but the rest are older so they call me the baby:) Okay so picture in your minds "Toy Story" and now picture the little aliens going up to Mr. Potato Head and saying, "Daaaaadyyyy" Okay so the nihonjin say my name like that. They pronounce it "muri" (you might have to ask soko or kyle how to say it). But everytime they see me they go "Muuuuurrrriiiiiii" haha it's great and they do it in unisen haha. We were taking pictures on Sunday and they would say that instead of cheeze. I wish I had a movie to send you of all our interactions because they are down right hilarious. They crack up at everything, it's so great. And they'll say things to eachother and then crack up and I'm like what are saying about me, haha. I just got my letters and a package slip so I'm really excited.
This is the nihonjin shimai tachi

Anyways Let's see, oh we were released as sister training leaders since this is our last week and it's really bitter sweet. I have a ton of amazing friends now because of that calling. I get like a million hugs everyday, it's the best! And not only have I become friends with some amazing sisters, I have grown so much closer to the Lord and learned so much about relying on him and the spirit for guidance. I know the Lord gives us callings and challenges for a reason, because he knows how to best strengthen us.

Our relief society speaker on Sunday was Neill F. Marriott, the 2nd counselor in the YW general presidency. She is from the south and has an awesome accent if you haven't heard it. She's also amazing and her talk was so perfect. In the beginning she talked about speaking a new language and how we will struggle at first. But she said that our "conviction when we speak will carry the message to the hearts of the listeners. The spirit will make it work." How comforting is that? I think this goes for anyone sharing the gospel, in a new language or not. We don't have to be eloquent speakers or have perfect grammar or verb conjugation(ya doesn't that sound fun?) But if we truly teach with our testimonies and with the spirit, it will be enough. She also talked about the priesthood and how the blessings of the priesthood are upon both men and women, so don't hold back. She said that (as sisters) in our testimonies we have the converting power because we testify with the spirit which was given to us by the priesthood, by the Power of God. I just love that so much and it gives me so much confidence and courage to get off that airplane next tuesday and invite everyone to come unto Christ. I can't remember if I wrote about this in my last letter but oh well it's good stuff. Sister Anne Clegg was our relief society teacher last week and she talked about Knowing our purpose. Not just for now on our mission but for life. She said that as a child of God I need to know my purpose so that whatever life throws at me, I know who I am, how to act, what to do. I love that because that applies to every member of the church. I love this gospel so much and I can hardly wait to share it with the people of Sapporo! Get ready cause here I come!
I love everyone!
Murray Shimai

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