Sunday, September 14, 2014

One of the coolest weeks ever

Hey everyone!
So this past week was one of the most miracle filled weeks I've ever had. I think I say that every few weeks or so but it was awesome. I'm just going to recap everything or else I will run out of email time. Here it goes:
*Met this adorable lady who was out cleaning the trash around her apartment and she had met other christian missionaries before but had recieved a bad impression. But we talked with her and laughed and had a good time and she said she was glad she met us so she could see that not all church people are the same and that she will go to our church if she can. We asked her if she was a member of a church and she said she had no religion because she wasn't sure which one she should go to. Yes. A missionaries favorite question to answer. 

*We met with an investigator the elders had passed to us but hadn't been home for weeks when we went before. We were able to reintroduce our message and re-invite her to listen and she said yes!

* There was crazy random rainyness this past week so we always carry our rain gear in our bike baskets. So the other day we were housing and we didn't have our rain gear on because it wasn't raining yet and we started knocking on doors but no one was coming to the door even though we could see through the window they were home. Then in like a split second the sky opened and the rain just dumped like crazy. So we walked back to our bikes and grabbed our pants and ponchos and then found a spot where someone's trees from their yard hung over the sidewalk and we huddled under there and put our stuff on. If it can be helped it shouldn't be put on in public because shoving a skirt into pants just can't be done gracefully haha. But we did that and then we decided to go to an apartment building so we could stay out of the rain for a little bit and we found this one apartment building. We went to the second floor and the second door we knocked on this really sweet mom answered. She had a little 3 year old girl and we talked with her for a while and introduced our message and asked if we could come back and she said yes! And as soon as we closed the door and turned around the rain had completely stopped. Heavenly Father really uses all kinds of ways to guide you or sometimes push you where you need to go.

*We met this really awesome girl at Mr Donuts. She teaches a hip hop dance class but a couple times a month she does an english class for her students and she asked us if we would come at the end of this month and help out! Yes. There's actually more to this story but I have to save some stories to share when I'm home.

Ya so there are more miracles and good stuff  but you'll just have to wait to hear more. Hope you all have a great week!

Murray shimai

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