Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hey everyone! 
This past week was a good one! We had beautiful weather! We also had splits with the STL's which was awesome! When we have splits or the elders have splits there's like 8 or more missionaries working just in our area so it's really cool. And Kushiro is pretty small so we actually run into the elders a lot. The white helmets are very easily recognizable. Random people we talk to all the time will know who we are because they've seen us biking with our white helmets haha. It's a good conversation starter. But ya so we had some good lessons with people and found a couple new people who are interested so this week should be full! 

Last week we also had clean checks! We passed! Our apartment is only about a year old luckily so it`s still really nice. The Getz's are really awesome. They are the new senior couple who came a few transfers ago. Senior missionaries are the coolest. And they gave us homemade cookies and some snacks from America so that also made a good impression haha. 

So nothing crazy exciting, I mean other than proclaiming the true gospel but you know what I mean. Yesterday we went to try and visit a less active sister and she was home! Some little boys had started talking to us when we were outside her house and she came out to work in her garden so that was perfect. We told her who we were looking for and she said it was her. She was so nice and remembered church and everything and has no bad feelings or anything but her husband is against it so she can't go. It was really sad. We've met so many people like that and all we can do is pray that their hearts will someday be softened. But I'm still glad that we got to see her. And she said that she sometimes gets cards from members so that was good to hear. Member work is so crucial to everything we do as missionaries. 

I can't really remember the week at the moment so this is all you get for this week. Sorry! Next week should be good!

Murray shimai

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