Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's snowing a little bit. And my face is frozen.

Hey everyone!
Sending lots of love and cold your way haha. I hope everyone is jealous of being outside in negative degree weather all day haha. Actually it's been pretty fun and we've had some cool experiences
talking with people who are out shoveling snow. This past week we had a lot of miracles and it was such a testimony builder to me that God really is watching over us and guiding this work. If we keep a
positive attitude and always believe that we can find people prepared for the gospel, we will be able to find them. We met this one lady housing that was super friendly and we talked with her for a while and
taught her about how God has a plan for families and I asked her if there was a way for her family to become the most happy would she want to know and she was like, "ya I do!" And we were kind of stunned by her response but we quickly regained composure and talked some more with her and hopefully things will move forward with her. It was such an amazing miracle!

I love missionary work! Things are going great and we're finding the people prepared to hear the message of the gospel. Anywhere we go in the world, in our own home towns, it doesn't matter, we can find and meet people prepared for the gospel.

Well we have a lot of snow and it's still coming. Life is fun and I am having a blast and meeting so many cool people!

Murray Shimai

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