Sunday, October 20, 2013

Last full week of transfer 3!

Wo time is flying! I can't believe my third transfer is almost over!!! What the heck? It's getting really cold already haha. Nagamine Shimai is from Okinawa which is like the southern california of Japan. I don't know if she'll live through the winter haha. They have these bugs here called yuki mushi which means snow bug. A short time before it snows you'll see them, like a bunch of them and when your riding your bike they'll just hit you in the face and body haha. Everyday it's really cold we look for them and we think we saw them the other day but neither of us has seen them before so we're not sure if it was them or not. Anyways this past week we had zone conference which was way fun and super good. Evans shimai did a language workshop for the young missionaries and it was so helpful and made me feel okay about the language. Evans shimai is so awesome. We also learned about a new english program we're starting in addition to English Class. This new program is for families we find or friends of members, whoever. And the program is 30 minutes of english class and then 30 minutes of the gospel message. Super fun idea right? I'm really excited to find some families we can do it with. 

Yesterday one of our investigators came to church with her two little boys!! They didn't stay for Sacrament meeting which was a big bummer ( sacrament meeting is last hour) but they came and hopefully felt good and will want to come back. 

Other than that just a lot of housing and streeting and doing fun missionary stuff. We had ward FHE saturday night which was fun. At the moment I literally cannot remember what else happened haha. My brain is a little mushy these days. 

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic week!! Enjoy sunday! 

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